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Closed Cooling Tower


The compound closed cooling tower is composed of finned tube group, water separator, coil group, filler, fan, electric shutter, natural air inlet window, sprinkler system, water tank and water collector. The circulating water and hot water entering the tower will be first released to the cold air by the finned tube group to turn into warm water, and then enter the coil group to release heat to the water and air outside the tube to turn into cold water, and then out of the tower.
The cross flow closed cooling tower is composed of exhaust system, spray system, packing precooling system, coil heat exchanger and unit shell. The external air enters the unit from the side of the cooling tower, flows laterally through the packing and cooler, and then discharges the unit upward. It intersects vertically with the spray water flow to cool the fluid medium of the coil.
The air inlet form of the countercurrent closed cooling tower is the countercurrent air inlet at the bottom, which reversely alternates with the falling spray water to form saturated hot and humid air.

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