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The cooling towers produced by our company can be equipped with a remote intelligent management system - Yileng clairvoyant intelligent controller, which can effectively realize the real-time linkage between computer room management and equipment manufacturers to quickly solve problems online.

Common Problem
2022-04-13 19:20:29

The traditional cooling tower design conditions are 37°C for the inlet water, 32°C for the outlet water, and 28°C for the wet bulb temperature. When extreme weather with high temperature and high humidity occurs in the southern part of the country, the wet bulb temperature often exceeds 30°C. At this time, the traditional cooling tower cannot be used at all. The cooling requirements are met and the energy consumption is greatly increased or even the mainframe is overloaded and shut down, which will cause immeasurable losses to the data room. The temperature in the traditional cooling tower is kept at 35-40 ℃ for a long time in summer, and a large amount of algae and Legionella will be produced in the tower, which will easily reduce the heat exchange efficiency of the host condenser and endanger the health of the maintenance personnel of the cooling tower. Using the high negative pressure forced evaporative low temperature cooling tower produced by our company to replace the existing conventional cooling tower can effectively solve the appeal problem. The high negative pressure forced evaporation low temperature cooling tower reduces the cooling tower outlet water temperature by increasing and adjusting the negative pressure inside the tower body to increase the evaporation intensity in the tower. The minimum outlet water temperature is consistent with the ambient wet bulb temperature. Most of the time, the outlet water temperature can be lowered to below 28°C, ensuring that the main engine is in the best working state, reducing the main engine load, extending the main engine life, reducing the main engine energy consumption, and effectively inhibiting the cooling tower Legionella and algae It can delay the formation of calcium and magnesium ions in the cooling water, and ensure the clean and efficient operation of the cooling tower and the main engine, which is greatly reduced.

Common Problem
2022-04-13 19:20:10

Adopting a new type of cooling product - intelligent chiller integrated unit jointly launched by our company and the chief engineer of GDS and director of the Technology Center of Shenzhen Refrigeration Technology Research Institute, Mr. Luo Jiyuan, through optimized design and reasonable arrangement of process pipes, the cooling of small computer rooms can be realized. The source is modular, integrated and intelligent.

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2022-04-13 19:19:50

Adopt the world's leading indirect evaporative cooling technology - indirect evaporative natural cooling tower.

Typical advantages

1) Relying on the system's own process design, it realizes antifreeze in winter, and solves the problem of freezing in the cooling tower of the chiller refrigeration system in winter;

2) Under the same air inlet state and summer working conditions, the outlet water temperature of the indirect evaporative natural cooling tower is 5-10°C lower than that of the conventional cooling tower, and the COP of the chiller is increased by 1.2-1.6, which reduces the power consumption of the chiller;

3) The traditional cooling method can use free natural energy for about 2 months per year, and the indirect evaporative cooling technology can extend the time of using the free energy throughout the year for about 4 months. For example, in Gansu, Xinjiang and other places, free energy can be used for up to 6-12 months every year. As the temperature of the data room increases year by year, it will eventually replace the chiller.

Common Problem
2022-04-13 19:19:32

Water-cooled chiller + closed cooling tower separate cooling energy-saving scheme in winter, water-cooled chiller (condenser with closed cooling tower) is used in summer and transitional seasons, and closed cooling tower is used directly after switching the pipeline in winter, which can cool the cooling water to 7℃ (usually can be used for 3-5 months).

Common Problem
2022-04-13 19:19:12

The closed cooling tower is used to replace the open cooling tower. The cooling water in the closed tower goes through the closed heat exchange coil in the tower throughout the whole process, and the water does not contact the outside world, so the circulating water has no dirt entering for a long time, which is very clean and is disturbed by the outside world during operation. Low, can run stably for a long time, it is the first choice for precision computer room projects.

Common Problem
2022-04-13 19:18:56

The anti-icing air inlet grille independently developed by YiLeng not only solves the problem of anti-freezing in winter, but also increases the heat exchange effect;

The fan can be intelligently frequency-converted, adjust the air volume, and carry out thermal insulation treatment on the fan duct to prevent ice from forming in the duct;

The fan has a reversing function, which can be reversed in a short time to eliminate the freezing of PVC packing;

In winter, the number of cooling tower modules is intelligently controlled, and the circulating water flow of a single module is reasonably adjusted;

The large-capacity water tray is equipped with a small water tray, and 6-9Kw electric heating is set in it;

The spray can be divided into water, and the water density can be adjusted;

The use of the indirect evaporative chiller jointly launched by Yicold and Tsinghua University can not only improve the cooling efficiency, but also effectively prevent freezing.

Common Problem
2022-04-13 19:18:43
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