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After-sales Maintenance



After-sales Maintenance


In order to make the cooling tower we provide you with the best performance and prolong the service life, good maintenance service is essential. Adhering to the principle of serving customers, our company will provide you with a complete pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service system. At the same time, you can also list a maintenance plan for your individual system to ensure that you can operate the cooling tower efficiently and safely.

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After-sales service

◆ According to the contract requirements, we will provide you with relevant documents for the maintenance, repair, operation and personnel training of the contract equipment;

◆ Provide necessary technical training for your relevant engineering and technical personnel;

◆ We can dispatch experienced operators for free to assist you in operation management;

◆ During the quality assurance period, we will provide free replacement or maintenance for the quality problems of the goods provided by us due to non-human factors. For the quality problems of the goods provided by us due to human factors or goods not provided by us, we will provide replacement or maintenance services, and only charge the cost of materials;

◆ During the service life of the equipment, we guarantee the supply of spare parts and wearing parts of the equipment;

◆ Regularly track the operation and maintenance of equipment. During the warranty period, we will be responsible for the repair and maintenance work. After the warranty period, we will provide maintenance and guidance work. Every year, we will conduct an investigation of the operation of the equipment and register it for the record until the expiration of the equipment use period;

◆ File service for all customers, return visits regularly, and track the operation and maintenance of equipment;

◆ Regularly provide routine inspection and maintenance services;

◆ Responsible for the installation guidance, debugging and testing of the whole machine. In order to facilitate your better use of the equipment, we will formulate detailed technical training measures.

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