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Open cooling tower

Open cooling tower

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(Summary description)Factory assembled cooling tower is a square cross flow cooling tower with metal shell structure independently developed by our company.

Open cooling tower

(Summary description)Factory assembled cooling tower is a square cross flow cooling tower with metal shell structure independently developed by our company.

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Factory assembled cooling tower is a square cross flow cooling tower with metal shell structure independently developed by our company. This type of cooling tower has the characteristics of complete factory assembly, overall transportation, reducing on-site construction, good cooling effect, easy maintenance, saving maintenance cost, beautiful appearance, no deformation, durability and long service life of equipment.

Shell: 304 stainless steel / imported z725 high galvanized sheet

Filler: high quality PVC new material

Fan: axial flow fan for induced draft cooling tower





Advantages of cross flow cooling tower: smaller water head and less power consumption. Low noise, wider use occasions. Water loss is smaller, more economical and more in line with sustainable development. The water distribution mode is reasonable, and the water distribution system with gravity falling naturally is adopted. The apron hole is not easy to be blocked, and the water distribution is uniform, which improves the performance of the filler to the greatest extent. After the modules are combined, the efficiency remains unchanged.

Advantages of countercurrent cooling tower: the design of the whole set of equipment is simple, the water distribution system is unobstructed, the whole water distribution process does not need special requirements, and it is not easy to be blocked. Water drenching filler is used to prevent aging and moisture backflow. In places with relatively low temperature, it is easy to take anti freezing measures.



Technical features:

YILENG assembled cooling tower pursues the new concept of environmental protection in design, fully adopts the development of new technology, and comprehensively transforms the form and material of various components inside the cooling tower, so as to make the products high-performance, with maximum cooling effect, small floating water volume, low noise, high strength of outer guard plate, easy assembly and maintenance, so that this series of products can be applied to various places with high requirements. The metal shell makes the strength higher, more beautiful and durable, and the design service life is more than 15 years.

The combined modular design makes the selection of engineering design and users more flexible and practical, the delivery faster, and the assembly of installation units more convenient; In practical use, users can install automatically controlled motor, pipeline and water pump solenoid valves to automatically open and close one or more tower bodies in the cooling tower combination according to the increase or decrease of heat source of the refrigeration unit; It can be combined with frequency conversion industrial control system and remote industrial control system to make more reasonable and energy-saving use of the cooling tower, so as to save more energy and reduce emissions.

Special type for low temperature in severe cold area

The steel open cooling tower developed by our company has made a major breakthrough in anti icing technology and applied for a national patent, which has solved the problem of icing around the air inlet window and the tower in severe cold areas! The product has been successfully applied at the user's site. The computer room of a large data center in Inner Mongolia has a low temperature of minus 35 ℃ in winter, the cooling water outlet temperature is 8 ℃, and there is no ice at the air inlet of the cooling tower.

Design condition

Water inlet temperature T1 = 37 ℃, wet bulb temperature TWB = 28 ℃

Outlet water temperature T2 = 32 ℃, dry bulb temperature T = 31.8 ℃

Atmospheric pressure P = 9.94 x104 pa

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